It turns out that even ancient Egyptian doctors studied the mechanism of erection; it can be read in ancient papyri, the age of which is more than two thousand years. However, doctors could not understand why the penis hardens, but they recognized that it is filled with an incomprehensible substance. In the XV century, it was believed that this substance is air, and only Leonardo da Vinci was the first to talk about increasing blood circulation in the genital organs, which is the result of an erection. In our time, everyone knows about erection; however, there is one more question to solve – how to increase its duration, to satisfy the partner, and most enjoy the sex. It is unlikely that the girl will like the situation when the man has already finished, and she just set up – such a relationship, alas, are doomed to break. And if this is love? Thus, there are new incentives to prolong the erection; however, before making a diagnosis, it is necessary to decide whether it is really needed to increase it? In the opinion of andrologists, the average erection lasts from 7 to 12 minutes, and if the sexual intercourse ends before 3 minutes, it is considered a deviation, and measures need to be taken. There are different ways to prolong the erection: to think about extraneous topics during intimacy, to drink alcohol (not recommended), to play sports, to eat plenty of chicken eggs, onions, garlic and horseradish (most importantly  not before intercourse) and other useful products, use secrets Chinese intimate gymnastics and other tricks.  However, the film shows that the best way to have a firm erection and good sex is to try generics like Cialis Soft.

These are pills used by men to get an erection as well as treat erectile dysfunction. It is a common resort for impotent men who could acquire impotence due to many reasons from which poor blood circulation in a penis, hormonal disorders, or shocking situations. Indeed, it is considered more than a way of treatment of the men’s painful problem rather than the drug for fun. It is used orally, and Cialis made in UK has more lasting effects than Viagra which even start more quickly. But people who are interested in buying these tabs must know that sexual stimulations are compulsory for getting the erection.


The Effect and Contraindications

Cialis Soft is a licensed medicine enhancing the health of the men who suffer from erectile disorders that do not allow the erection function to be fully realized in the sexual process. It is also considered as a good medical tool to treat the enlarged prostate. The mechanism of action lies in fostering the blood circulations in the arteries in the penis, making the blood pressure high. Moreover, it relaxes the prostate ways that abide from erection itself brings the relief from the prostate symptoms.

Before consuming the drug, be sure you do not have an allergy to Tadalafil – the active compound of Cialis Soft. Keep yourself in safety and check the reasons you cannot take the pills. Refuse the consumption if you have:

  • High or low blood pressure;
  • Hypertonic diseases;
  • Bleeding disorders;
  • Peyronie’s disease;
  • Angina;
  • Heart disorders.

Anyway, consult the doctor if you decide to apply the Cialis.

Mind that this drug is forbidden to use anyone younger than 18 years old.


Dosage & Usage

Cialis Soft is applied under the tongue once a day to treat the erectile dysfunction. The initial dose is 10 mg that can range to 20 if there are any specific and individual cases of tolerability. The effects commonly start in 15 minutes and long for 36 hours. The person using it should check the duration of the drug. If it is used to cope with prostate symptoms, the dose of 5 mg is commonly recommended. To reach better effects and benefits, use Cialis Soft approximately at the same time every day.

If there is a missed dose, use the pills as soon as possible to keep the effects in balance.


Side Effects and Overdose

The possible side effects may include dizziness, sweating, increased heart beating, hearing or vision loss and so on. Once your dosage diverges from recommended, you share the increased risk of getting side effects. That is why the immediate call to the doctor is required.

Sex is similar to a dance: if one can’t dance well, then the other one will definitely have negative emotions and suffer from the dissatisfaction. It takes two to tango. And there is sense in this expression as in case a man can’t achieve erection or can’t sustain it till the end of the sexual intercourse, his woman won’t be satisfied and will be left with the feeling that it was her fault that you were such a bad dancer in your love dance. If you want your woman to be proud of you and feel your sexual energy, entrust your body to Levitra Generic and you will be able to make all sexual dreams come true.


Is generic Levitra the love pill you are looking for?

Modern men and women still think that there is nothing better than sex, regardless the fact that nowadays we have a lot of things to do and many things to enjoy. Sex will always be the best way to know each other and get not only physical but moral satisfaction. Sure that this can be done only if a man feels confident and doesn’t worry about failure being nervous and angry as he can’t achieve erection to have sex with his beloved. In case you experience any health problems, it is always better to share your worries with the partner but it is difficult for men to confess that they aren’t actually men any more.

Is there any effective method how to get the desired result and enjoy your confidentiality? Generic Levitra is able to provide you with the great effect and help to do everything so that your partner will never find out that it wasn’t your natural erection but the effect of ED drug lasting up to 10 hours. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? It is really so as many men have already tried Generic Levitra and were 100% satisfied with the effect they had after using 1 pill per day and washing it down with water 20-25 min before the alleged sexual intercourse.


Which features make Levitra Generic a good choice?

Generic Levitra made in UK is able to make at least one of your wishes true. And no doubts that if most men could ask the goldfish to realize their dreams, one of them would be to stay sexually active as long as possible. Levitra Generic is your effective remedy against unwanted erectile dysfunction symptoms. When your sex object is near, you will have a sexual arousal and if you took the pill of Levitra the process of natural erection will get started in several minutes after the intake, depending on your individual body reaction. The drug is able not only provide you with the short-term effect but help you restore your male potency with the help of Vardenafil forever if you take the drug during the recommended treatment course and don’t forget to take pills on the regular basis till you notice a significant improvement in your male potency.

The term generic may be confusing for you, but this only means that one effective drug was patented some time ago and this patent has already expired. So all the ingredients from the original product were taken and put into a new pill that has received a new trademark. Generic Cialis has the same influence on the body as its original version. Buying and selling this product is absolutely legal.

The generic Cialis can be used for solving problems with the erectile dysfunction. This drug influences the flow of blood that gets into the penis in the process of sexual stimulation. The muscles of the genital organ start to relax, so the amount of blood is great. Generic Cialis can be taken in different dosages. It’s good to go to the doctor and choose the right variant of the pill for you. You can take the pill no matter when you plan to have a meal.

If you plan to take generic Cialis regularly, it’s better to take it at the same time of the day or night to get the best result and prevent the risk of side effects. If you have a little period of time, you will increase the risk to face some side effects and you will also have a chance of overdosing. If you forget to take the pill at the right time, you should take it once you remember about it. It’s always better to take the pill later than earlier than needed.

The recommended dose for the first time is 10 mg. You should take one pill approximately one hour before you start the sexual stimulation. If you decide to take generic Cialis regularly, you will need to start with 2.5 mg and discuss your further dosages with the doctor. You will have a strong effect after taking the pill for a few hours unless you are drunk or you have taken a lot of other drugs.

The influence of generic Cialis can be the strongest if you stick to the healthy lifestyle and you don’t take any additional drugs or drinks. However, if you feel relaxed after taking a portion of a strong drink, you will get a greater sexual excitement if you combine one shot with the generic Cialis pill. The effect from the pill can be prolonged by stimulating the genital organ and taking one more pill on the next day.

If you have never used Viagra Soft but thinking about the treatment course of erectile dysfunction, then it will be useful to learn more about its pharmacokinetic properties as well as about its main mechanism of action. It is well-known that the first producer providing men with the chance to enjoy sexual life and forget about all health problems was the American company Pfizer, which is the famous manufacturer of Brand Viagra. However, some time passed and Viagra Soft, the generic of the original drug, has appeared at the pharmaceutical market. If you are familiar with the properties of Viagra, then you will be glad to find out that Viagra Soft is its analogue, which has an affordable price and a few more benefits compared to the legendary Viagra.

What effect is Viagra Soft able to provide you with?

Viagra Soft is the drug for ED, which was designed with the improved formula of the well-known Viagra. However, men who used it, have reported that it is able to provide you with the more effective and milder action in comparison with any other drug aimed to help men improve the quality of sexual functions. It is by right called Viagra Soft as it is considered to be safe having a soft effect.

The main difference between the drugs is that Viagra Soft mustn’t be washed down with water as the standard Viagra. Using Viagra Soft you will be able to notice that it is much more convenient to place a pill under the tongue and wait till its dissolution than to look for a glass of water.

One may think that this is not a very important factor, however, it is a mistake to think so as this slight difference is going to influence the period of Viagra action. If you compare how fast Viagra and Viagra Soft work you will definitely feel that the second one is able to work quicker thanks to its sublingual application as Sildenafil, which is contained in Viagra Soft is being absorbed much faster compared to Viagra Brand, which is designed for the oral use. Viagra Soft will provide you with the positive effect in 15 or 20 minutes depending on your individual body reaction and you will be able to enjoy its effect up to 6-7 hours, which is also individually.

Benefits of Viagra Soft

It has already been mentioned that Viagra Soft has a milder principle of action, which is definitely one of its advantages. However, it is not the only one. Most men are confused when they hear that the intake of Viagra is forbidden in a combination with alcohol and fatty foods. If you are one of them, then you will be happy to discover that Viagra Soft has an improved formula, which allows using it after you have had some alcohol and meals. Sure that it is not recommended to drink and eat much, however, the action of Viagra Soft generic isn’t going to slow down under the influence of this combination. Viagra Soft drug for ED is being excreted with the intestine and only its small part-by the kidneys, which is also considered one of great properties due to the fact that it doesn’t influence any organs having the directed action on male potency.

Viagra is the drug known for its great properties and ability to have a positive impact on men’s health, regardless of age. However, it has one drawback- it can’t be used together with alcohol, which is quite often associated with romantic dinners. How does alcohol influence the action of Viagra? Learn more about the impact of alcohol on men’s health here.

Is it dangerous to combine Viagra and alcohol?

According to the reports of men who live in UK and who have used Viagra, this drug is considered safe as it causes side effects rarely. One of such cases may be the combination of Viagra for erectile dysfunction and alcohol. Sure that if you have a bit, nothing bad will happen, however, if you drink much, then nobody will be able to predict what will be your individual body reaction on such combination. That’s why it is better to avoid drinking alcoholic drinks when you plan to have a sexual intercourse with the partner after taking Viagra. In any case, it is better to avoid it not only because you never know which effect the combination of drug and medication may have but because in general alcohol has a negative impact on men’s health, which was known for a long time already.

How can alcohol impact men’s health and Viagra action?

If to look at these two substances, then there is no connection between alcohol and Viagra action. However, this means only that they don’t interact. But this doesn’t mean that alcohol doesn’t have any impact on the mechanism of Viagra action. According to Viagra producer, the work of the drug may be interfered if you drink alcohol and take the ED drug after this.

You may wonder what is the connection between them? Everything is quite simple. When they both are I the stomach already, Viagra’s action is going to be slowed down by alcohol.  If for example, you expect to have the effect in 30 minutes after taking the drug, then after such a combination this will be impossible as the erection may occur much later-in one hour or so. Remember that alcohol is not useful for men’s health at all as it is able to decrease the natural ability to stay sexually active. Avoid alcohol and give preference to Viagra when you want to get rid of unpleasant ED symptoms forever.

cialisAre you going to start the treatment of erectile dysfunction and want to use Generic Cialis? This is the right choice as this ED drug is very popular due to its effectiveness and safe action directed to improve your male functions naturally.

In order to benefit from the use of Cialis, it is necessary to get acquainted with the mechanism of its action. To use it correctly, you should follow instructions as any violation or overdose may lead to serious side effects, which are uncommon in men who take Cialis Generic according to the recommendations you can find here.


What are the recommendations to follow when taking Cialis Generic?

There are several things to keep in mind when you have decided to treat ED with Generic Cialis:

  • Don’t combine the intake of Generic Cialis and other drugs for erectile dysfunction.
  • Don’t use drugs for heart diseases and drugs containing nitrates simultaneously with Cialis Generic.
  • Take each form of Generic Cialis taking into account its peculiarities.
  • Don’t take more than one tablet of Cialis Generic per day.
  • Use the dosage Cialis Generic 20 mg as the maximum per day.


What are benefits of Generic Cialis use?

When you start using Generic Cialis, you can notice a lot of pros. The most important one is that it has an affordable price and the same top-notch quality as the original Cialis has. However, lower cost is not the only one benefit to enjoy as Cialis Generic is an effective drug for ED offering its users powerful erection, which is going to last up to 36 hours. This is much longer compared to the famous Viagra and other ED drugs.

You will be glad to know that Cialis Generic can be used together with food and alcohol.  This fact gives a great opportunity to enjoy a romantic dinner and have a glass of wine, which won’t have any impact on the drug’s action in comparison with Viagra which action may be slowed down if you drink alcoholic drinks or eat fatty foods. Still have doubts that Cialis Generic is the perfect choice for the treatment of ED? Then one more advantage: there are several types of Cialis generics to choose from: Cialis Soft, Cialis Super Active and other generics of Indian production, which are based on the same active substance – Tadalafil being able to enhance the blood flow naturally. The great choice of Cialis generics gives an opportunity to give preference to the most suitable form and dosage. If you choose Cialis Soft, you will be able to benefit from its quick action as the effect is visible in about 15 minutes after you take the pill. In case you want to experience super powerful erection, then look no further than Cialis Super Active generic.


Why is Cialis Generic a great drug for ED?

Being a popular drug for ED, Cialis Generic is almost free from cons. It may cause side effects only if a man taking the drug doesn’t follow the instructions or take more than one pill per day. Not serious side effects may take place for a while and then disappear without the medical help. However, if you know that you may have individual intolerability of Tadalafil, you should inform your healthcare specialist in order to avoid possible severe allergic reaction, which can endanger your life.

In general, Cialis Generic is one the most popular ED drugs because it is easy to use anytime you want and it will work for the whole weekend. When you are planning to have some romantic time with your beloved, the romance may be spoiled by the fact that you need to think when to take the pill, however, this doesn’t refer to Generic Cialis, which can be taken at the most suitable time within the period of 36 hours when you can completely forget about all erection problems and enjoy powerful erection and long lasting sexual intercourse.